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10 Best Tools for DevOps You’ve Never Heard About

Looking for DevOps tools? See these 10 great tools for DevOps. You won't find such tools anywhere else. Free plans included no BS. If you’re an experienced DevOps engineer you want to find the most efficient tools for your work. However, the variety of services available is so big that

Importance and common mistakes of DevOps

DevOps brings significant benefits like a quicker response to the market demands, faster development and deployment cycles and overall agility in the business environment. But does it mean DevOps is mandatory for every organization today? There has been much discussion about it. How it is implemented and why should companies
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Building Spring Boot application for Apache Kafka Admin operations

Event Based Data Architecture. Kafka

Kafka Streams


AI for project cost risk– The reality of commercial use

This presentation will focus on the lived experience of developing and implementing an AI platform in a customer organisation. Register here

Apache Kafka and ksqlDB in Action: Let’s Build a Streaming Data Pipeline! Konrad S.

In this talk, will be explained the architectural reasoning for Apache Kafka and the benefits of real-time integration, and we’ll build a streaming data pipeline using nothing but our bare hands, Kafka Connect, and ksqlDB. Register here

Getting Started with AWS IoT Services

Join online to learn about some AWS services that are commonly used to manage IoT devices and ingest IoT data. Register here

Build reactive Java applications ready for an event-centric world

The amount of data being produced every day is growing exponentially and a large amount of this data is in the form of events.  So, how can we architect our applications to be more reactive and resilient to these fluctuating