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Importance and common mistakes of DevOps

DevOps brings significant benefits like a quicker response to the market demands, faster development and deployment cycles and overall agility in the business environment. But does it mean DevOps is mandatory for every organization today? There has been much discussion about it.

How it is implemented and why should companies go for this methodology?

Companies like Netflix, Amazon, Facebook and Adobe have already adopted DevOps successfully.

Considering the speed at which the business environment is changing today and how important it is to respond to these changes, DevOps is important.

The counter-argument, however, is no. According to some software developers, DevOps is not mandatory. It depends on the project. If it is only to test an idea with minimum viability requirements, one does not need DevOps.

Also, some of the companies already have an agile work environment and functions well with it. But in fact it is not mandatory, many companies have been developing, deploying, and managing software applications in an agile way for many years without terming it DevOps. Progressive companies already have an agile work culture and have teams that are trained for faster delivery and deployment.

Involves automation for faster and shorter software release cycles

Whether DevOps is relevant for companies, answer would be an absolute yes! It is proved to be an extremely relevant methodology today, as it involves automation for faster and shorter software release cycles without compromising the security of the system.

DevOps is based on communication, collaboration and innovation and brings development and operations in close tandem. One of the biggest benefits of DevOps is process efficiency. When the development and operations teams work hand in hand, there is less documentation, lesser delays, better communication and coordination in the software development and delivery process.

Allows systems to be automated, faster and agile

Efficient user-experience is what every company aims to achieve. DevOps methodology allows systems to be automated, faster and agile. Adopting DevOps is disruptive initially as it requires to find the right tools and technologies and set up the automation chain. It is quite complex and requires an initial cost. However, in the long run, DevOps is a great company culture that impacts not only software delivery cycles but also overall stability and growth of the business.

Common mistakes of DevOps

When implemented well, DevOps leads to great business results. However, reaching those results requires a major transition in business processes. Many organizations grapple with DevOps adaptation due to some basic mistakes.

 1. Choosing Too Many Tools.

Automation is crucial in DevOps. There are too many automation tools already available in the market. This leads to one of the most basic mistakes in adopting DevOps – the problem of plenty. Selecting tools should not be the first thing to start with DevOps. Each team in an organization would have its own set of recommendations for DevOps tools. There is no point buying every tool that is famous or easily available unless they support the existing organizational infrastructure. Organizations need to make a choice of tools based on individual requirements.

2. Getting Entirely New Team.

DevOps is all about efficient collaboration between teams and shared responsibility. It is easier to achieve so within existing teams. One of the most common mistakes that organizations make in adopting DevOps is to create an entirely new team or a DevOps department. It is already a huge challenge to bring collaboration culture to the existing teams. Setting up an entirely new team makes it even more complicated. It is essential to have a DevOps team but having existing team members from development and operations makes it easier to foster collaboration and communication culture.

3. Speed vs Quality Dilemma.

It is challenging to have a balanced approach to the speed of software delivery and ensuring high quality. Many times organizations get very busy with setting up CI/CD process to deliver software as early as possible that they overlook quality and security aspects. That is a huge mistake. Security in the technology world is paramount. What is the benefit of delivering software that runs the risk of not functioning and security?

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